Farhana Goga

About Farhana Goga

After qualifying in 2001, I worked as a Psychologist, Researcher and Consultant. My philosophy was to live a life that was rich and full and to navigate issues that my clients would be navigating. All these experiences have led to me feeling a deep connection to the diversity (issues and people) who walk into my office. I remain up-to-date with best practices and processes.

I grew up in Durban, Natal. I am incredibly grateful for the life my parents gave to me and the values they instilled in me.

After I qualified, I had a desire to learn as much about being human and healing as I could and it led to me learning and integrating tools, including, HeartMath, EMDR, Soul work, Imagery, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique For details of my qualifications click here.

In 2003 I moved to Johannesburg and fell in love with the people and the vibe. In 2012, I moved to Cape Town to engage with the Mother City.

While in CT I realised 3 things:

  • My desire to open a Centre was still strong, and I became more attune on its focus - a Centre focusing on Stress, Trauma, Resilience (for individuals, couples and groups) will open in 2018/9.
  • There was a need for intense and specialised couple focused services in the country. I set my goal to specialise in couples therapy/marriage counselling. With it came immersion into the leading global couple focused therapy processes, which I am now able to share with you. I am able to take you through an evidence based, structured, step by step processs (whether in weekly sessions, a 2 day immersion or in group workshops). My approach focuses on the attachment, triggers, the dance and the bond between the couple, providing a powerful, transformative experience for you, your partner and the relationship. I integrate Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (Externship done with James Thomas in Denver, Colorado); Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation (therapist training done with the founders Hedy and Yumi based in Washington D.C and Florida) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • I was not done with Jhb, so in 2017, I returned.
UKZN Qualifications

· B.A. - Economic History and Psychology
· B.A. Hons - Cultural and Media Studies
· B.A. Hons - Psychology
· M.A. - Psychology
Fully Accredited / Completed International Courses

· Enneagram - Practitioner for Individuals, couples and teams (Integrative 9)
· HeartMath - Practitioner & Coach Via HM LLC & HMSA
· Encounter-centred Couples Therapy - Training for Therapists by Hedy
& Yumi
· Family/Systemic Constellations - Facilitator (Family Constellations
· Transforming Business Society and Self - Theory U – MIT Online
· Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator - for individuals couples and teams
· Emotionally Focused Couples Therpay Externship - (Denver, Colorado 2017)
· Gottman Method Couples Therapy - Level 1
· BWRT Advanced Practitioner and BBRS Registered
· Certified Brainspotting Practitioner
National Courses

· Academy of Metaphysics - Chartwell Johannesburg - 2 year course in
using the higher self in healing (I later taught here)
· Strategic Women in Leadership - HIRS, 5 day course with Renate Volpe
Other Courses

· Hypnotherapy - Level 1
· EMDR - Level 1
· Schema Therapy - Level 1
· Body Spin - Part of Life Alignment
· ADHD - Reyhana Seedat
· Emotional Freedom Technique - Level 1
· Equine Assisted Psychotherapy - Level 1
· Pairs Essentials - Attended
· Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - In Cape Town with Robyn Walser




Farhana enabled my partner and I to listen to each other, understand our patterns, use tools to self-regulate and reach out to each other and remain connected even when things were difficult.



When my partner and I went to see Farhana, I thought we were there to save the marriage. My partner decided to end it. Farhana helped us do so and then helped me heal and love life again.



"My husband and I came to a workshop looking for a solution for our problems. We've been through a lot and practically we weren't able to address the issues because we had so much anger built between us that we couldn't even talk about what were our feelings. Here, Farhana helped us to take the first step towards the resolution of our problems. Unpack the underlying dynamics in the constellation and then learn to talk through and establish deeper connection. This experience was what we needed, it is what I needed, to help my relationship and see that my husband is my partner in crime, not my enemy. Thank for everything you have done for us."

Disclaimer: The method I use is empirically validated, with a very high (80% - 90%) success rate. Although there is a high success rate, each situation is unique and no guarantees can be made or given.