Weekly Sessions

Interested in Weekly Sessions?
Choose from 50min or 75min.

Through meeting for about 10 - 30 weeks (based on 75 min sessions), you can explore the desire to connect in your marriage/relationship and the fear of abandonment that plays out in the relationship, and meet each other in this - true healing takes place in connection. The duration of sessions may be longer/shorter than the above depending on the couple and if there is trauma, and also on the fact that each couple is different. We work SLOWLY in sessions, I probably will slow us down alot!

This transformational process in the couple counselling allows you to become aware of your cycle and gently expand in your emotional capacity to share and hold. You will learn skills to communicate with more compassion, understanding and safety. We will also create a shared vision for the relationship, learn to meet in The Encounter for a deep connection and healing.

My approach is based on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (empirically research and structured model aimed at helping couples reconnect based on Attachment Theory) and Encounter-centred Couples transformation (based on Hedy and Yumi 40 years of working with couples, they believe that every relationship is a labatory where the couple is on a Heroic journey of connection and help each other on the Path to Relational Maturity, the Therapist is a Guide, Teacher and Coach).

We meet together for the first session, then I meet each of you individually, then we resume the couples session. The 75 min is the recommended duration for weekly sessions. We can also meet for extended sessions: 3 hours at a time, or for 2 day intensives. Longer times allow us to go deeper in the session time and are highly recommended.

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Disclaimer: The method I use is empirically validated, with a very high (80% - 90%) success rate. Although there is a high success rate, each situation is unique and no guarantees can be made or given.