Couples Transformation

Encounter-Centered Couples Transformation

EcCT was developed by Hedy and Yumi who have worked with couples for over 40 years. The basis is that couples are joined and attracted together based on their Heroic Journey and can help each other heal and create new realities in the present, which affects the past. It is a model that best works over 2 days rather than weekly sessions, so while I do integrate some if it with my weekly sessions, it is the basis of my 2 day intensives with couples. For a general overview, visit my Home page or my Couples Therapy page.

It is an integrative relational model at the intersection of philosophy, clinical theory, organizational methodology and relational neurobiology. It aims at assisting couples to experience the most alive and joyful connection with each other while helping each other grow and develop their relational intelligence on the path to relational maturity. It inspires couples to become not just a good couple or a solid couple but a creative couple.

EcCT is an extremely effective method with proven success in teaching couples how to re-create the magic of connection in your relationship. This model is an integrative approach inspired by the philosophy of Martin Buber, as well as a variety of relational methodologies including Imago Relationship Therapy, Appreciative Inquiry, Re-evaluation Counseling, and Relational Neurobiology.

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The Gifts of EcCT:

It teaches some significant distinctions:

  • the distinction between “Coping” in isolation vs. “Living” in connection
  • the distinction between the unconscious, reactive “Survival Dance” vs. the intentional embrace of the “Encounter”
  • the distinction between conflict as an obstacle vs. conflict as a launching pad for growth
  • the distinction between being an “accidental tourist” vs. an invited, welcomed “guest” in the world of one’s partner
  • the distinction between romance vs. intimacy as in "into-me-see"
  • the distinction between a relationship as a problem to be solved vs. an adventure to be “lived”.

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Disclaimer: The method I use is empirically validated, with a very high (80% - 90%) success rate. Although there is a high success rate, each situation is unique and no guarantees can be made or given.