Couples Therapy
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Attending Couples Therapy with your Partner

Often in therapy with me we move away from the content to the process of the interaction. In so doing we create a new way of relating which gives you skills to explore the most difficult issues, in therapy and at home.

Therapy can assist with having those difficult conversations, re-establishing the bond and connection, seeing yourself and your partner with new eyes. It offers a space to learn to connect and communicate in new ways, and truly listen from the heart.

In this way you and your partner may find it easier to become what you always dreamed your relationship would be, but this time you would both be aware of the flaws, deep hurts and dreams of each of you.

Farhana Goga also offers Divorce/Separation and Pre-Marital Counselling to couples.

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My Approach to Couples Therapy

Our work together will help you move from being in a war-zone or silent treatment or 2 ships passing by to an environment and relationship which is supportive, nurturing, safe and connected, and ultimately more fun .

My approach is based on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and Encounter-centred Couples transformation (EcCT).

EFT is based on Sue Johnsons work over the last 30 years. This model is empirically researched and structured, aimed at helping couples reconnect based on the following theories/approaches: Attachment, Humanistic/Experiential, and Systemic. EcCT is based on Hedy and Yumi's 40 years of working with couples. They believe that every relationship is a labatory where the couple is on a Heroic journey of connection and help each other on the Path to Relational Maturity. The Therapist is a Guide, Teacher and Coach. EcCT encorporates Martin Buber's work, Appreciative Inquiry, the Relationship paradigm, Relational Neuro-biology and Theory U by Otto Scharmer (I was fortunate enough to do his online Self, Business and Society MIT course in 2013). I have been fortunate to do my EFT Externship in Denver, Colorado with James Thomas. My EcCT Therapist training was done in Johannesburg on Hedy and Yumi's last tour.

Both these teachings and my teachers have touched me deeply and influence my own life and work with clients.

Depending on your Availablity
I offer 3 options on how to work with me:

Weekly Sessions

50min or 75 min
per session

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Short Intensive Sessions

2hr 45min
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Two Day Intensives

Perfect for newly weds; long standing relationships and newly engaged

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Disclaimer: The method I use is empirically validated, with a very high (80% - 90%) success rate. Although there is a high success rate, each situation is unique and no guarantees can be made or given.