2 Day Intensives

Interested in 2 Day Intensives Sessions?

We meet from 09.30 - 18.30 for 2 days (does not have to be consecutive days, but should if you can). Contact me to book.

This transformational counselling process allows the couple to disentangle the survival dance playing out in the marriage between the couple, explore the dreams, frustrations and triggers, and create a bridge to a new encounter. I teach you a new way of Being in Relationship.

We meet at my office, we need to have uninterrupted time. Saturday/Sunday sessions available, please email me to arrange. This is great when there is time constraints, many couples who start here then have a few weekly sessions as well.

Bookings can be made online, or you can contact me for more information.
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Disclaimer: The method I use is empirically validated, with a very high (80% - 90%) success rate. Although there is a high success rate, each situation is unique and no guarantees can be made or given.